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Most Asked Questions

No, Gigable is just platform to help you find companies who need short term workers. 

Our platform is also used to allow companies to pay you securely after you work for them. 

In short, we’re an app to help you find independent work. 

Gigable doesn’t directly accept CV’s. 

You need to add your CV information to your profile via our mobile app. 

Companies will then see this when they’re deciding who to pick for their gig. 

Yes, the work is short term based work which can range from 1 day to weeks. 

Companies always need short term workers if they’re operating on a budget or need extra staff at the last minute. 

This style of hiring is used widely among some very big companies. 

Rates vary from gig to gig. It all depends how much the gig owner (the business) sets their rates to. 

For example, one business could set an hourly rate at 20% higher than the average, while another business could set a rate at 20% lower than the average. 

So this is why we only advise you apply for gigs which value your work. 

This is quite easy to do on the Revenue website, and you can still hold a regular job!

When getting paid on Gigable, the money you make will be classed as “self employed” income.

This means you’ll need to declare your self employment income with your tax regulator and then find an accountant to help you do a “self assessment”.

We’re releasing some handy video guides from our Accountancy and Tax advisor partner firm soon!

Gigable charges a fee of 5% to all Freelancers who perform Gigs on the Gigable platform. VAT Applies to the Gigable fee. Should you require further information, please refer to the Gigable Terms of Service 12.1

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