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Vegan Sandwich Company Case Study

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Vegan Sandwich Co’s entire business operated in markets & events. When Covid-19 hit… it meant game over. To survive, Vegan Sandwich Co had to switch to food delivery. This however, had the following challenges

  • Not knowing where to find reliable delivery drivers with their identity verified
  • Being able to hand pick drivers and re-pick the same ones in the future
  • The potential costs for hiring part time or full time drivers


Gigable enabled Vegan Sandwich Co to access 1000’s of identity verified delivery drivers located beside their business. These drivers can be saved and picked again for future gigs within seconds. These drivers were short term only, which allows Vegan Sandwich Co to use drivers only when they’re needed.


Gigable helped Vegan Sandwich Co consistently find reliable, trusted staff who only need to be in action when it matters most.

This helped eliminate the need for using expensive staffing solutions and also took away the need to hire permanent staff. Which resulted in more profit for the business! 

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