The Ultimate Guide to Making 1000’s Per Month

Use this guide to succeed in the gig economy.

Yes, you read that right...

We have people on our platform bringing in the big racks! Many of our users are making enough money to buy things they just couldn’t afford without a bit of extra income.

Here’s some quick facts

  • These people are just like you
  • They also work outside of Gigable
  • They apply the principles below to tremendously boost their income


  • There are no shortcuts
  • This guide is to simply show you a structured approach to earning money by working for real companies.
  • Follow the principles and you’ll be maximizing your potential to make a  big bucks!

#1 Make a Routine

Without a routine, you’re letting your day get out of control. When this happens, your time gets eaten up, and you guessed it, time is money! 

So, what do I do first?

Let’s start by finding out how many “Realistic” free hours you have each day.


Write down a 24-Hour timetable for your day. 

Or download our free 24 hour timetable template here

Once you do this, fill in every essential activity for each day of the week. Here’s an example…

  • 7:50am – wake up, shower and eat
  • 8:30 – leave for work
  • 9am-5pm – work & exercise at lunch time
  • 5:30pm – arrive home and have dinner
  • 6pm – Wind down and meditate / family time / house work etc
  • 6:45 – head out to local side hustle work found on Gigable
  • 7pm – start side hustle work
  • 11pm – finish and drive home
  • 11:30 – Wind down / sleep

Now it’s your turn to plan out and map your current routine. 

Look at our example Outcome: We’ve used 4 hours each night of the week to make some side income. These are the hours we have to make money!

Let’s say the income earned in these hours was €50 per night. That’s an extra €250 per week! And you still get weekends to enjoy for yourself! 


Weekend Example


  • 8 hours each on Saturday and Sunday
  • That’s a total of €200 just on the weekend
  • Equals a total of €450 per week
  • Per month €1800!

In Summary

  • Figure out how many free hours you have outside of essential activates
  • Add in shower and maintenance times
  • Commuting times
  • Prepping and eating food
  • Wind down times (You need these breaks; good mental health is key to operating properly)

#2 Get Your Number Game Right

Gigs are a numbers game, Applying for one gig and hoping for the best will not work great. Instead, you’ll need to be on top of your numbers. We advise applying for multiple gigs and knowing your available hours every week. 

Once you have your magic number set, you need to be logical with yourself and set a limit on the following things (otherwise you’ll be taken advantage of)


Write down and save the following information…

  • How much per hour you’ll work for
  • What hours you’re available for
  • How far you’re willing to travel
  • What days you’re available on

Fill each of these in, doing this will let you focus on the gigs that actually matter. Otherwise you’ll be wasting your time, and remember, what did we say about time? Exactly… it’ll cost you money, and we don’t want that!


#3 Your Identity

Want to know something about everything mentioned above? The numbers, how nice your routine is organised, your targets. Do you really want to know the truth? Businesses who post gigs won’t care about it.

What they do care about is how impressive you look, and most importantly, reliable. So make sure you highlight the heck out of this through your communications. 

In Summary

Don’t be lazy, fill in all of your work experience and any tasks that you think will be relevant to the gigs you desire.

Fill in the following, and say these things to a business when you’re speaking to them

  • Give the business confidence that you’ll be fit for the gig, do this by talking about the position and how you’d go about tackling certain tasks
  • Understand the problems that come with the position and talk about how you solve them
  • Research the problems that happen in your desired role, and have a fix for each one, again businesses need confidence, and this is how you give it to them!

#4 Your Health

Work on this to improve your health…

Create processes for everything in your life (so you know exactly what to do for complex situations that happen) once you have a process for taking on tasks and problems. You’ll notice a huge decrease in stress and anxiety.


This is also very important...

Have your wind down times. These times are needed so you can recharge your mental state and reduce any sort of mental or physical fatigue.

Working while fatigued can cause you harm. So, we recommend taking care of yourself and having the right processes in place to take care of your fatigue when it happens.

Enjoy what you’re doing, we know it can be arguable to enjoy working long hours, however, you must find the fun in it. Here’s some ways to stay happy and healthy listening to music or podcasts is one way to enjoy it.

Having a laugh or connecting with staff can be another way to take your mind off things. Or even visualizing things you you’re excited about, or want to get better at can help big time!

In Summary

  • Make a routine and be realistic about it, the more accurate you are, the more money you can see yourself making
  • Have your target numbers to hit, gigs applied for, what rates you’ll work for, availability and distance to travel
  • Make sure you have the right words to say to businesses and at the same time, the right portfolio to back up everything. Look at this like your secret arsenal for scoring a gig.

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