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If you have a query about a particular gig, please quote the relevant Gig ID number

Gigable FAQs

Below are some general FAQ’s about Gigable. For more in-depth support or to solve a technical problem. Please submit a ticket below. 

General FAQs

A Freelancer is a self-employed Independent Contractor who engages in short-term work or ‘Gigs’ on the Gigable App.  A Freelancer will generally be selected based upon the quality of their Profile so make sure it’s a good one!  Profile is key.

For example, a Restaurant may need a Delivery Driver to deliver Pizzas.  A Freelancer can apply for that Gig and if he or she is chosen and completes the work, they will be paid by that Restaurant within the Gigable app, using either Stripe or Revolut, our online payments partners.

Currently, Gigable is available in the Republic of Ireland & the United Kingdom.

Gigable is a very simple to use platform for freelancers which allows you to apply for gigs when and where you like! For more details on becoming a freelancer with Gigable, head over to our freelancer homepage!

Gigable gives you access to a community of excellent freelancers. Simply create a profile with your details and start posting gigs to gain access to the gig work staff you need! Check out our business homepage for more details!

Gigable is a solution for businesses looking to hire freelance workers for temporary gigs. Through Gigable businesses can access thousands of freelance workers to fill gigs, while freelancers are afforded the opportunity to boost their income and gain valuable professional experience. Gigable provides scheduling, and delivery tracking services for businesses, a transparent double-sided rating system (both freelancer and business rate the gig) and quick, secure and transparent payment systems using Stripe and Revolut.

A Gig is an agreement for short-term work between two independent users on the platform.

Freelancers FAQ

 No. You decide when you work. Apply for gigs that suit your schedule, choose times, rates and industries that suit your life. You are under no obligation to apply for any of the gigs on the Gigable platform, if you so choose.

Any work performed by you on the Gigable platform as a Freelancer, is done so as an Independent self-employed Contractor.

You are therefore, wholly responsible for your own tax obligations.

For a more detailed explanation of the status of a Freelancer, please refer to our Terms of Service:

As a self-employed Independent Contractor, you are responsible and obliged to manage your taxes personally.

We recommend registering with Revenue Online at and create a ROS account from which you can easily manage your tax affairs.

Here is a guide to ‘Self-assessment’:

  • Pick and choose Gigs that suit your schedule.
  • As an Independent Freelancer, you decide when and where you work.
  • Both you; the freelancer, and the business rate the gig after completion. This means, you know which businesses are best to work with, and businesses know how you have performed for others. You always have visibility of your ratings, so you are always in the know.
  • By accepting and working through Gigable, you have the safety and security of knowing that payment is always guaranteed.
  • Be as ‘Job Mobile’ as you like!  Work across multiple industries and broaden your experience.

No. Only a registered business can post a gig on the Gigable platform.

Download the App, Register and complete your Profile to view and apply for Gigs in your area. To see what to expect from your first gig, click here.

Gigable is free to download.  If you are a Freelancer performing gigs or a Business posting Gigs on the platform, Gigable will charge a fee of 5% of the Gigs overall value. This fee will cover all the costs of processing your payments securely using Stripe ( or Revolut

Once a business gets a notification that payment is due they have 72 hours to process payment. Please note that payments through Stripe take up to 5 working days to reach a bank account. Businesses who pay using Revolut for Business can expect to see payments reach freelancers in one working day (for regular bank accounts) or almost instantly (for freelancers who have Revolut registered in their payment settings) from the moment that the payment is executed.

Once you have completed a Gig it’s time to check-out and apply for payment. Find more information on the check-in, check-out system here. In the Gigable app, find the Gig you have just completed in the ‘My Gigs’ section. Click on the relevant Gig (remember, each gig has a unique ID number). Click on the ‘Done’ button. You will receive a notification to say that the payment request has been sent. Please note there is a 5% payment processing fee applied to the overall cost of the gig.

We allow freelancers to cancel their application when they are unable to work. It’s important to remember that businesses are relying on you, the freelancer, to turn up and complete the work you have been accepted for. Last minute cancellations (or even worse, not showing up!) can cause serious disruption to a business. If you apply for a gig and it has not yet been accepted, you can cancel your application at any time. If you have been accepted for a gig and need to cancel, please call 019203958 (IRL) or 03332420506 (UK). Late cancellations can affect your rating and we advise freelancers to give 24 hours’ notice whenever possible.

Start the process by uploading your proof of identity photo ID, front and back (passport, driver’s license or national age card). Then upload an additional document as a proof of home address. The address must match the address you have provided on the Gigable app in the payment settings. Once you have sent your documents, we’ll verify your IDs and if everything is correct you will be able to apply for gigs and start working!

You must complete your profile and upload your ID to apply for Gigs. Then search for the gigs available near you and finally once you’re ready to apply, just press the ‘Apply’ Button and the business will receive a notification. It is now up to the business to decide if they want to accept you or another freelancer. Each gig you apply for goes to the ‘My Gigs’ section.

Businesses FAQ

You can access your account through the ‘Sign In’ link on our website  Use the same login details you would for the Gigable App.

You should take the same reasonable steps to ensure the safety, security and wellbeing of Freelancers as you would any other person engaged in any form of employment for your business.

No. You are under no obligation to provide work for anyone on the Gigable Platform.

Post gigs when the business requires it, post gigs which reflect the needs of your operation.

No mutuality of obligation exists between you as a business and Freelancers, as self-employed independent contractors.

No.  Freelancers are self-employed Independent Contractors.

Download the App, Register with Gigable and complete your Profile.

You can now create and post gigs within either the App or through the Gigable Desktop.

Gigable Desktop can be accessed through our website

For further queries complete the contact form here and our team will be in touch

The most important route to accessing more freelancers is through you gig description! Click here to learn more about completing the perfect gig description.

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