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Fleet Insurance

Many companies posting gigs on the Gigable Platform will
have Fleet Insurance so by simply providing them with your
vehicle registration number, your vehicle is added to their
fleet policy and commercial cover will be extended to your
private vehicle insurance.
Please ask the company for which you are performing the gig,
if they have such cover and if so, that your vehicle can be
added to it.

Commercial Loading

A simple phone call to your existing insurance provider is a
quick and effective way of ‘loading’ your private policy and
adding commercial cover to it. For a small additional fee, this
‘commercial loading’ allows you to deliver commercial goods
from your private vehicle, safe in the knowledge you are fully

Micro Insurance Policy Providers

At Gigable, we are working hard to bring you the very best
and cheapest commercial insurance in 2021.
We are currently engaged with a number of insurance
providers to partner with Gigable in the coming year, and
provide our community of Freelancers with access to cost
effective micro-insurance policies.
We are really excited about delivering this product to our loyal
community so stay tuned for more information over the
coming months!
Safe and Happy Driving!
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