How To Verify Your Identity On Gigable​

Step 1 - Open Your Profile​

Your profile page is the third icon on the bottom left. Make sure you have this page open.

Step 2 - Open Settings​

Press the icon with the 3 lines. This icon is located on the top right of your screen. 

Step 3 - Verify Identity​

After pressing the icon on the top right of your screen, select “Identity Authentication”. If this isn’t visible, update the Gigable app here for Android or iOS

You are now required to upload two documents to authenticate your identity. These are:

  1. Proof of Identity Photo ID – Passport (personal information page), Drivers Licence (front and back) or Identity Card (front and back)
  2. Proof of Home Address  – Utility Bill, Statement from a financial institution, letter issued from a government institution, drivers licence (if not already used) or Identity card (if not already used)

The following documents are NOT accepted: 

–         Tenancy agreement/lease
–         Utility company attestation letter
–         Private Insurance bill
–         Telephone/mobile bill

Document Requirements

  • Documents must be clear and large enough to read
  • Documents must be valid and not expired
  • Documents can be in a .png, .jpg or .pdf format

Photo ID Must Contain:

  • Both front and back of a driver’s license or identity card
  • The entire personal information page of a passport
Proof of Home Address Must Contain 
  • At least one full page of the document
  • Full name and address of the individual
  • Be dated within the past 6 months

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