How To Get Paid When You Complete a Gig​

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Once you have completed a Gig it’s time to apply for payment.

At this stage you will have gone through the application process, been accepted and have completed the gig.

If you haven’t done so already, we highly recommend that you take a note of the hours you worked and the work you’ve completed.

The rest is easy! Follow these quick steps to apply for payment:

1. Go into the Gigable app and find the Gig you have just completed in the ‘My Gigs’ section.

2. Click on the relevant Gig (remember, each gig has a unique ID number).

3. Click on the ‘Done’ button.

4. You will be asked ‘Did you complete the gig?’. Click yes if this is correct.

5. You will receive a notification to say that the payment request has been sent.

Once you have completed this step, the Business will receive a notification to say that you have requested payment. Meanwhile, your Gig will be on “My gigs” tab with Completed status.

Once a business gets a notification that payment is due they have 72 hours to process payment. When the payment is processed you will receive an invoice to your email address and the gig will no longer be on “My gig”. You can track your payment on the “Payments” section.

Please note that payments through Stripe take up to 5 working days to reach a bank account. Businesses who pay using Revolut for Business can expect to see payments reach freelancers in one working day (for regular bank accounts) or almost instantly (for freelancers who have Revolut registered in their payment settings) from the moment that the payment is executed.

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