Creating the Perfect Business Profile

What's Included in a Business Profile?

Why is your profile important?

Your business profile will be visible to all freelancers applying for gigs. Freelancers use your business profile, in combination with your gig description, to decide whether or not to apply for your gigs. Your profile is also where freelancers will turn with questions about the restaurant and their gigs, so ensuring your profile is up to date, clear and concise will help you to avoid unnecessary back and forth with freelancers.

Ensure your business name and logo are correct and clear!

Freelancers will trust your business more if your profile is professional and organised. Your display name should be the name of your brand or restaurant as a consumer would recognise it, maybe the right freelancer for you is a regular customer!

Invest time in your business description!

Your business description section is your opportunity to tell potential freelancers who your business is, and what you do best. This is a great place to highlight your values as a company and show some personality. No need to add in any details about your gigs here, however, it is a great place to tell the freelancer a little bit about the restaurants history, cuisine, and team. 

Remember, Gigable has a double sided rating system, so freelancers will also be rating you. 

When freelancers click on your profile they can see when you joined, how many gigs you posted, how many gigs you have cancelled and your star rating! 

Time to start posting gigs!

Check out our top tips for gig descriptions here!

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