How To Create A Killer Business Profile

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Finding staff on our platform is simple. Watch our quick videos to learn how it works or read our text guide below.

How To Guide

Step 1

Install Gigable from either the App or Play Stores 

Step 2

Once you have opened the App, scroll to the right and ‘Create an Account’

Fill in the appropriate fields:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • Username and Password
  • Select your Country
  • Please access and read through our Terms and Conditions.

 You will receive a verification email from Gigable HQ, so please open the email and ‘Activate Account’.


Time To Get Started

As a business seeking to post gigs, select the flow, “I am a business owner”.


Creating Your Business Profile

Setting up your Profile correctly will ensure you attract the right Freelancers for your business and can eliminate any confusion as to where the gigs are on.

When you post a gig, your business profile will be visible to potential Freelancers so it is an excellent opportunity to promote the values of your business.

Add The Following To Your Profile

Your brand logo

  • It’s important to get this right, presenting a clear graphic sets the correct tone of professionalism you bring to your business.

Trading Name

Display Name 

  • (this will be the name visible to prospective Freelancer applicants)

Business Description 

  • This will give the Freelancer a better understanding of what you do. This saves you time and effort of having to explain it over and over to staff.

Business Address

  • Don’t worry, when you create gigs you have the potential to change the location of each one, so here, just add your static address.


You are now a fully registered business and are ready to quickly find last minute staff!

At this point you can add your Company details or by all means just ‘Skip’ ahead and add them later when you wish to create your first Gig.

In order to create Gigs, you will need to complete your payment information by providing a bank card or by linking Gigable to your Revolut account but for the moment, feel free to skip ahead.

Nearly there

To safeguard all users and to validate your account, enter your mobile number to receive a confirmation code which will be sent to your mobile phone.

Let’s Go!

Registration is now fully complete and it’s time to start posting gigs.

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