How Does Paying With Revolut Work?

When you pay a freelancer with Revolut, you will see Gig transactions as follows on your Revolut account:


10% rate for your Restaurant

5% rate for Freelancer

Gig value  =  €50

You hit ‘Pay now’ on the gig in Gigable

Transaction #1

Your account transfers €46.93 to the Freelancer

(€50 minus 5% freelancer transaction fee + VAT on fee)

Transaction #2

Your account transfers €9.22 to Gigable

(10% transaction fee to your restaurant + VAT)


(5% Freelancer Fee + VAT on fee)

Total You Pay

€46.93 + €9.22 = €56.15 total transferred from your account with the
two transactions, the €6.15 being the 10% transaction fee + VAT on
freelancers icon apply for gigs

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