Introducing Gigable Driver Tracking

Introducing Gigable driver tracking, an easier way to track your Freelancers through Gigable.
With our new Check in Check Out feature – you can now track Freelancer locations for the duration of their shift (Gig).
This allows you to see your Freelancer’s deliveries in real time, including when they are on the way back to the restaurant to collect their next order for delivery.
Take delivery management to the next level with driver time and location tracking!


Gigable’s Check in Check out feature allows you to track your Freelancer’s start and end time.

The Freelancer check in and out time will populate in the pay form which can be used to confirm payment on completion of each gig.



You’ll find the new feature on your Gigable Business Portal ‘Live Beta’. Here you can see your Freelancers location in real time for the duration of their shift (Gig).

Introducing our new Share a Gig feature!

Gigable has also introduced a new feature in Gigable chat which allows you to share your open gigs direct with your highest rated Freelancers. You can share a gig by typing #gignumber.

Introducing better account security at Gigable!

Additional security is now available with 2 Factor Authentication in the Business Portal. This is an added layer of security for your business account. To enable 2 Factor Authentication now, go to your security settings and follow the steps to enable.

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