Creating a Gig & Accepting a Freelancer - Guide

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How To Create a Gig

Once you’ve set up that ‘Killer Profile’, it’s time to start posting gigs.

Use the + Icon to set up and create your first gig.

Payment Settings

If you have not yet registered your payment details, you will be requested to do so now.

Choosing from Revolut or Stripe, just enter your account details and proceed.

All financials are securely stored with our online payments partners.


Time to create that Gig

Once you tap “Create a new Gig”, choose from one of the 9 Industry Icons provided.

Let’s say you need a delivery driver, select ‘Delivery and Logistics’.

“What type of job?”

Select ‘Delivery Driver’

In this example, you can decide if the driver requires their own vehicle, and which type.

Provide a description of what the Gig is, “Pizza delivery in the North City area”

Location of the Gig

Gigable has provided you with 3 options:

  1.   Set as a business address, this is simply the address you registered with.
  2.   Set a new address, the Gig may be at one of your other branches.
  3.   Set a pick-up and drop off address, great for Courier work or one off delivery Gigs.

Access Google Maps using the ‘Set Address’ link.



Gig Details

Enter the date and time of the Gig, we’ve even provided an option to highlight if the Gig might run overtime.

  • Select the Currency.

Gig Rate

We’ve provided you with 4 options in this example:

  1. Per Gig: This could be a ‘Day Rate’.
  2. Per Hour: The Freelancer is paid per time worked.
  3. Per Delivery: The Freelancer is paid a certain amount for every delivery.
  4. Per KM: The Freelancer is paid by the distance they travel.


Guess what!  You can combine the Rate Settings…..

Set an hourly rate AND a rate per Delivery, so feel free to play around with these and find the model that best suits your business.

That’s it, you’re good to go.

How To Accept & Manage a Freelancer

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Once you have ‘published’ your Gig, it can be viewed by everyone in the Gigable Community.

Freelancers are now in a position to apply for your Gig if they feel it is right for them, for their schedule and if the rate you are proposing is fair and reasonable.

Within your ‘Gigs’ List, there are 2 tabs:

  1. Open: This is a current list of your open Gigs.
  2. Payments: This is a quick view of the payments you have made in the App.

To View the Freelancers who have applied for your Gig, use the ‘Open’ tab.

You will see the applicants Icon and a number beside it, indicating how many Freelancers have applied.

Just click into the Gig and ‘View Applicants’

Check out how to Manage your Gigs, View and Accept Freelancers in Gigables’s Desktop Portal right here

Freelancer Applicants

All Freelancers are required to fill out their Profile and are encouraged to provide an accurate snapshot of who they are and their relevant experience and skills.

It’s their opportunity to really sell themselves and the value they bring to your business.

Select the Freelancer who best represents your business and ‘Accept’ them.

Message Feature:

You can directly contact the Freelancer should you require further details of their work history or if at a later stage, the Gig details alter in any way, simply Message them ‘In App’.

That’s it!

The Freelancer you have selected will present themselves at the appropriate time and location of the Gig.

Do it all from your Laptop or PC!

Check out how to Manage your Gigs, View and Accept Freelancers in Gigables’s Desktop Portal right here

Waiting Lists – a Great New Feature From Gigable

This is one we’re really excited about!

Gigable “Waiting List” allows Freelancers to apply for a Gig, even after you have confirmed an applicant!

Why does this matter you may ask?

Well, let’s say you have accepted and confirmed an applicant and they become ill or have car trouble and have to cancel the Gig.

The “Waiting List” feature allows you to select another Freelancer from the list of applicants, should your first applicant need to cancel.

This allows you to post Gigs in confidence and in the full knowledge that a Freelancer will always be there for you.

Now that’s real peace of mind for your business.

That’s a Gigable Waiting List.

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