Cancelling a Gig as a Freelancer​

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In order for the Gigable platform to work in a fair manner, we allow freelancers to cancel their application when they are unable to work.

We’ve seen it all here at Gigable – broken down vehicles, sickness, childminding duties and more. These are all real life problems that sometimes just can’t be helped.

With this in mind, we’ve set out some guidelines on how to cancel an application, while causing as little disruption as possible to the business hosting the gig. This is essential to read if you’re thinking of cancelling a gig. 

Why should I follow these guidelines? ​

It’s important to remember that businesses are relying on you, the freelancer, to turn up and complete the work you have been accepted for. Last minute cancellations (or even worse, not showing up!) can cause serious disruption to a business.

Cancelling a Gig ​

If you apply for a gig and it has not yet been accepted, you can cancel your application at any time.

If you have been accepted for a gig and need to cancel, below are the guidelines you are expected to follow:


1. Use the Chat function to contact the business as soon as possible. Businesses will really appreciate you doing this. We advise freelancers to give 24 hours’ notice if possible.
If you try to cancel the gig within 24 hours of the gig start, the app won’t let you do it: You will have to call the business to let them know you are not going.

2. On the app, go to ‘My Gigs’. Select your gig and click on the 3 dot menu icon in the top right of the screen.

3. Press ‘Remove Application’ and wait for a notification at the bottom of the screen to confirm cancellation.

We can’t emphasise enough how important these guidelines are to a Business Owner. We would appreciate it if all app users could follow these guidelines whenever possible.

The Ugly Part​

As much as it pains us, Gigable has the right to block users from the app for offences such as late notice cancellations or not showing up to a gig. This is something we want to avoid as much as possible but it is there to protect both businesses and freelancers, and ensure everyone gets the best service possible.

The Good Part​

Our new Waiting List feature is designed to help the cancellation process run smoothly. In some instances, freelancers may find that their preferred gig has been filled by another applicant. This allows the freelancer to join the Waiting List and pick up the gig if it reopens.

By following the guidelines above, you could be helping a fellow freelancer earn some extra income if you need to cancel. There’s a good chance that you could benefit from the Waiting List in the future too, so please bear that in mind.

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