Cancelling a Gig as a Business

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There may come a time when, as a business, you need to cancel a Gig for whatever reason and this can be done at any stage without penalty, ONLY if you haven’t yet confirmed an applicant.  

If, as a business owner, you have confirmed an applicant, just remember they have scheduled their working week around your Gigs so cancelling last minute is not ideal for them.

If you do need to cancel a Gig, we recommend you do so at the earliest opportunity. This allows the Freelancer to apply for other Gigs and maintain their income, and it provides a Gigable solution for another business as that Freelancer is now available to work for them.

Cancelling a Gig - In The App

Click into your Gig list and the Gig in question. Using the 3 dot menu icon top right of your screen, cancel the Gig.  

When you cancel in the App, you will be requested to identify the reason for cancelling the gig, even if the Gigs has no applicants. 

 You can also edit the Gig from here, so for example if you need to change the time or location.



Just remember, if you have confirmed an applicant and cancel the Gig within 24 hours of the gig start, you will be charged a cancellation fee.

Managing Your Gigs In The Desktop Portal

Access the Business Portal through the ‘Sign In’ link on the Gigable website and log in using your usual details.  

The Desktop portal provides you with all of the same great features of the App but from the comfort of your laptop!  

We’ve split your Gigs into a number of different tabs to make it easy for you to navigate and we’ve added a couple of filters too.

Open Gigs:

Once you create and post a Gig it will be visible in the ‘Open’ Gigs tab.  From here, you can view and select an applicant by clicking into the Gig details.  

If needs be, you can cancel the Gig if you haven’t yet confirmed an applicant. Just apply a tick to the ‘Available’ box and using the ‘File’ Icon, archive the Gig, this removes it from the general view.

Confirmed Gigs:

When you have confirmed an applicant, it can now be viewed in the ‘Confirmed Gigs’ tab.  

You can cancel a confirmed Gig by clicking into the Gig in question and selecting, ‘Cancel’.  As you have confirmed a Freelancer and they are all set to perform the Gig, you will be asked why you have chosen to cancel.


Again, please bare in mind, the freelance has planned their time around your Gigs, so if you do have to cancel a confirmed Gig, please do so as early as possible. This releases the Freelancer to perform another Gig, thus providing a Gigable solution for another Company.


If the Freelancer has failed to show up, apply this option and Gigable will investigate this and you also have the option to provide another reason through the submission text box.

Completed Gigs: When a Freelancer completes a Gig and applies for payment, you can pay them within the ‘Completed Gigs’ tab.

If you want to tidy your screen, just archive the Paid Gigs, but don’t worry, you can still view them within the ‘Archived’ tab.

You can archive Gigs in the portal that you no longer wish to view.  Select the Gigs individually or use the ‘Select All’ function and then simply archive the Gigs using the File Icon top right of your screen.

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