New Subway Launches

New Subway Locations Launching Near You Interested in working with one of the UK’s most known and loved brands? Look no further!  These Subway stores are now all working with Gigable and will be posting more gigs soon!  Church Street, London, EN2 6AZ Newland St, Witham, CM8 2BB Ehringshausen Way, Haverhill, CB9 0BB Subway are

Claim New Users Bonus

Claim your New User Bonus Welcome to Gigable and congratulations for completing your very first gig! We hope this is the beginning of an amazing freelance career for you and we’re so glad to be your partner in this journey. You should have received an email the week you joined up with a link to

Laughter Lounge Event

Laughs Delivered by Gigable Gigable are excited to be teaming up with the Laughter Lounge, Dublin to deliver some much needed laughs to the homes of your customers! As a Gigable partner restaurant, gift some free laughs to your customers! Request your Laughter Lounge stickers using the form below, and the link printed on them

Competiton winners

Gigable Competition Winners! Gigable regularly run numerous giveaways, challenges, and competitions for our freelancers, and here is where we celebrate those winners!  Winners will be notified of their win individually via email, but this is where we let our whole community know who’s won what! Spring Challenge! Everyone who completed 5 gigs within the competition

Using Gigable Business Portal

Top Tips for Using Gigable as a Business Navigating the Gigable business portal effectively and efficiently is important to get the most out of Gigable, so we’re here to help with our top 3 tips and tricks for using Gigable as a business! Duplicating Gigs Posting multiple gigs every day, week or month? Did you

Future of Last Mile Delivery

At this stage, it would be hard for any of us to imagine life without online food delivery. What was once the exclusive domain of pizzerias, has now spread to most of the food industry. Lockdowns accelerated longer terms trends to the extent that the industry is now expected to grow at a CAGR of

Top Tips for Using Gigable

Top Tips for Using Gigable We’re sharing our top tips for making the most out of Gigable and its most exciting features! Before we go into specifics, in order to prevent disruption and gain access to new features as they come on stream – enable auto update on your Gigable App, or check in on

Gigable App Updates

Gigable App Updates! Our product team has been working tirelessly behind the scenes to make the Gigable app a smoother, easier and more transparent experience. So, what’s new? New Filters You can now filter gigs by their start date! Choose gigs starting today, this week, in 2 weeks or at anytime. Browse Gigs option now

New Product Feature-CheckIn CheckOut

What Gigable’s new delivery management – check in check out feature means Our new app features will allow better time management & efficiency for both the restaurant & Freelancer while working together for the duration of your shift (Gig). Better time management & efficiency for restaurants in terms of prepping next orders for your next

Gigable Founder Memo #001 Uber, the Gig Economy &#...

On Fri 19 Feb, the UK Supreme Court made headlines when it ruled in favour of 35 Uber drivers’ claims for ‘worker’ status, a UK classification between contractor and employee which guarantees minimum earnings, holiday pay and a workplace pension. Shortly thereafter, Uber announced plans to reclassify its 7,000 UK drivers – previously classified as

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