Perfecting your Gig Description

Perfecting your Gig Description-How to get more applicants for your gigs Versus a non descriptive style example show below No detail shared Spelling errors No personality or feel for your brand No detail to let Freelancer know what the Gig entails Details – Tell them as much as you can about the gig. Do you

Maigurs Gigable Freelancer
We hear from Maigurs, about their time with Gigabl...

We want to highlight Gigable Freelancers, and this month we hear from Maigurs about his time with Gigable from his first gig with Elephant & Castle in Sandyford to his advice for someone ahead of their first gig… 1. Tell us why you started with Gigable? I was looking for an extra job for weekends.


Insurance Download Gigable for free if you haven’t already! Fleet Insurance Many companies posting gigs on the Gigable Platform willhave Fleet Insurance so by simply providing them with yourvehicle registration number, your vehicle is added to theirfleet policy and commercial cover will be extended to yourprivate vehicle insurance. Please ask the company for which you are

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Refer a friend and get €30 If your friend completes 5 gigs, you will earn €30!

Everything You Need to Know About Paying Tax with ...

A Simple Guide to Tax! Most Asked Questions Do I need to register for tax? If you earn over €5000 in freelance income per year, then yes you must register to pay tax. When do I need to register for tax? Register as soon as possible! While you won’t be paying tax straight away, you

7 Profit Killers For Your Food Business

Save Money For Your Restaurant With Your FREE Handbook (No Email Needed) You’ll Learn How To… Create processes like a pro and grow Audit your restaurant to save money Quickly find and eliminate profit killers Improve your customer experience (CX) Discover new ways to get more money from customers Download Now For Free Who We’ve

60 Second Guide To The Gig Economy – For Fre...

60 Second Guide To The Gig Economy – For Freelancers 1. Gigs Gigs is classed as short-term work. Gigs can range from:  a few hours a few days to over a week some even lasting for over a month Gigs normally have a total set rate, or an hourly rate 2. Gig Platforms These are

How Paying With Revolut Works

How Does Paying With Revolut Work? When you pay a freelancer with Revolut, you will see Gig transactions as follows on your Revolut account: Example: 10% rate for your Restaurant 5% rate for Freelancer Gig value  =  €50 You hit ‘Pay now’ on the gig in Gigable Transaction #1 Your account transfers €46.93 to the

Connect your Business Revolut account to Gigable f...

Connect your Business Revolut account to Gigable for cheaper fees Our partnership with Revolut is really exciting and provides some great benefits to both you and the Freelancer. 3 Months Free Business Banking Revolut have offered all business accounts, free transactional fees for a 3 month period  That’s a ZERO charge on all of your

Gigable Desktop For Business

Welcome to Gigable Desktop For Business Gigable Desktop has been created especially for business and contains all the great features of the mobile App with a few additions, to make managing your Gigs that much easier. First things first – how do I get there? Access the portal through the Gigable website and using the

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