Summer Lovin’ Challenge

Want to EARN a €200 reward and be in with a chance to win an Asus i3 laptop, iPhone 12 or an Apple Watch! Join Gigable’s Summer Lovin’ Challenge – complete gigs to get access to Gigable bonus rewards and multiple raffle entries to some slick prizes!Complete gigs from today Thursday 22nd July and Tuesday 31st August to be

Claim Bonuses

Claim your Gigable Bonus Congratulations for completing gigs with Gigable! This is the place to claim any bonuses you have qualified for by completing gigs! Bonus offers are communicated through email or text message from the Gigable team and should always include a bonus code.  Before claiming bonuses you will need a few things:  Email

Ask Gigable

Welcome to Ask Gigable, the series where we answer any and all questions about Gigable! We’ll be uploading new videos to this post and across our social media channels twice a month – so keep thinking of your questions and keep an eye out for our Ask Gigable posts on Instagram and Facebook. Ask Gigable:

Security Updates

Gigable are delighted to announce enhanced security measures surrounding your payments via the Gigable Business Portal.  Introducing 2 Factor Authentication and One Time Passwords (OTP). What is 2FA? This an extra security layer we are introducing to ensure your account continues to be safe and secure. Users will still have to sign in using their

The Old Virtues and New Paradigms of Gen Z

It is human nature to reach conclusions quickly. From an evolutionary perspective, our preference for ‘thinking fast’ is instinctive. The negative impact of this type of thinking however is that it can lead us to prejudice and stereotyping, especially when it comes to other people. A recent article in the Harvard Business Review examined this problem in the context

Reporting an Incident

Reporting incidents occuring during your Gigable gig The safety of our freelancers is highly important to us, however, incidents do occur that may put the safety of our freelancers at risk. In these cases we urge you to report the incident to the relevant authorities so it can be dealt with swiftly, fairly and by

Freelancer of the Month

Freelancer of the Month Each month our team will nominate 1 freelancer who has performed well, gone above and beyond, or just been a pleasure to deal with on the Gigable platform! Each winner will be featured in our Gigable Gazette and receive a prize! Prizes will vary monthly from vouchers, to goodies and everything

Diversity and Inclusion

Our network of freelancers contains a range of diverse people, who span the spectrums of age, gender, race and sexuality. This is something Gigable is incredibly proud of and something we hope to foster as we continue to grow. This pride month we are reflecting on our values as a company and we hope our

Gigable’s John Ryan with Adrian Weckler

Our CEO & Founder, John Ryan, speaks with Adrian Weckler of the Irish and Sunday Independent! Gigable is delighted to be gaining increasing coverage across national media outlets, and this recently took the form of a series of pieces with tech editor of the Irish and Sunday Independent, Adrian Weckler, in conversation with our CEO

School’s Out Summer Challenge

School’s Out, time for a challenge!  Running from the 4th-7th of June, every freelancer who completes a gig will be entered into a draw to win 1 of many great prizes. Each gig you complete over the course of these days gets you another entry into the draw, 3 gigs = 3 entries, 5 gigs=

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