True independence. At Work.

Our Mission

It is our Mission to Maximise the Productivity of Individuals and Business everywhere.
We will achieve this by building technology that nurtures:

  • Independence – everyone should be free to direct their own path
  • Meritocracy – if you’re good at what you do, it should matter
  • Identity – everyone deserves to build an identity based on genuine recognition

Our Technology

Our technology is how we will deliver on our Mission.

Whenever we build something, we are thinking of you, the Gigable user, and we always want to make things that are as Fast and Simple as possible for you.

For example, the core functions of our Mobile App are to Match, Pay & Rate.

Matching the right people with the right Gigs, instead of traditional search and booking, saves everyone a huge amount of time.

Payments are made instantly and securely in the App using our trusted partner, Stripe, which saves you the burden and hassle of paying with cash or cheques.

Ratings work both ways in our world, and members can rate each other after every Gig to further promote fairness and equity and make future Gigs even better.

Our Community Charter

Being a member of Gigable means you are a genuine part of the Future of Work, and of our growing Community of independent and progressive thinkers.

All good communities have cultures that embody their mission, and by their very actions help the community to flourish and grow for the good of all involved.

We have drawn up a few basic guidelines to help you to build the best identity possible in our community and to get the most out of Gigable:

  1. Always arrive on time
  2. Don’t cancel Gigs at the last minute and leave Owners without a Freelancer
  3. Tell your friends about Gigable to make the community stronger and earn referrals
  4. Always have good etiquette and manners when doing Gigs
  5. Be fair with your use of ratings
  1. Pay your Freelancers fairly, we recommend the living wage
  2. Pay your Freelancers straight after the Gig – they are relying on your quick payment
  3. Don’t cancel Gigs at the last minute and leave your Freelancers without a Gig
  4. Encourage ad-hoc staff to join Gigable so their work can be managed and paid easily
  5. Be nice to your Freelancers… remember they can rate you too!
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