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1. Independence and flexibility

Gigging allows you flexibility to choose when you work. It suits people who want to fit their work around personal commitments, who need to manage their time in order to work on important personal or professional projects, or who just want to earn some extra money. Gigable makes it easy to find the gigs near you at the times that suit you. We know that more people are looking to forge a self-directed path, and Gigable makes the connections that help you do it.

2. Identity

On Gigable, you build your profile to suit the kinds of work you want to do. The app is easy to use and offers a convenient way for helpers looking for a gig to connect with owners who want one done. Through the Gigable app, you develop your profile and rating to find different kinds of work with different owners. Your profile is not publicly visible, and can only be viewed by an owner who puts up a gig if you apply for it, so you are in control.

3. Recognition

The app includes a rating function, which allows helpers to build a good rating. We believe recognition is essential in any working relationship, and that good work should be rewarded. Take a gig, turn up on time and deliver, and your rating gets higher, increasing the chances of getting more gigs. Helpers can also rate owners, which encourages developing good relationships.

4. Payments are quick and secure with Stripe

When an owner and helper are connected for a gig, the app enables owners to pay helpers directly afterward. The check-in function verifies that a helper has shown up, and account-to-account payment is made via the app. A helper can request payment on completion of a gig. All payments on Gigable are secure and processed through our payments partner, Stripe.

5. Gig mobility

A lot of helpers will have skills and work experience in more than one kind of work where gigs are available. Gigable lets you list your skills and level of experience in multiple areas, so that you can pick up gigs for different owners, put skills to work for you that you’ve put the time into developing, and start earning on your time.

6. A ready marketplace

Gigable brings a marketplace to you via the app, giving helpers a convenient, quick way to view current or upcoming gigs near them at any time. It also gives you the means to stand out, build your rating and improve your chances of getting the gigs you apply for.

7. Control

Using Gigable helps you to better plan and control when you want to work. Easily keep track of all your gigs, know what you have earned and when, and plan your schedule to earn some more!

So, there you have it – 7 good reasons to get on your path, and get on Gigable!

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