60 Second Guide To The Gig Economy - For Freelancers

1. Gigs

Gigs is classed as short-term work. Gigs can range from: 

  • a few hours
  • a few days to over a week
  • some even lasting for over a month

Gigs normally have a total set rate, or an hourly rate

2. Gig Platforms

  • These are websites or apps where people post their ‘Gigs’
  • These platforms are generally free to access
  • The only time you pay money is when you complete a gig
  • The platform owner normally takes 

3. Types of Work

There’s Gig platforms for all kinds of work, regardless of your background. Gigable is the perfect way to explore what its like to work in various industries.

For example, Fiverr & UpWork tend to focus on media/office work, while Gigable lets you access a wider range of work, especially in the blue-collar market. 

4. Do These Two Things

  • Declare yourself as ‘Self Employed’ and pay tax
  • Get insured for working gigs

These steps vary by country, so make sure to do your research! 

5. Best Practice For Getting Gigs

  • Apply for multiple gigs to increase your chances of getting consistent work
  • Make your profile and interactions with companies stand out by highlighting specific challenges and solutions

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