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We know that sounds lofty, but bear with us here.

OK, so we spend 1/3 of our lives at work… wouldn’t a change in the way we engage with, and even think about that work have a huuuuuge effect on our world? As individuals and as a society?

We think so!

As a cutting-edge technology company with a big vision for a better future, we must consistently do two things:

  1. Challenge the status quo
  2. Keep the improvement of our users’ lives as our top priority

All too often technology companies are hit with (apparent) roadblocks, speed bumps, nay-sayers and can’t do-ers, OK, we made that last word up but we think it’s a good one.

But, it’s true.  If we gave up at the first sign of resistance, there wouldn’t be the remarkable development in technology that we see all around us today.

Still with us? Cool! So, where does the “6 seconds” come from then?

That’s our target: it should take you no more than 6 seconds to open our app, confirm a gig and be on your way to work.

We will only achieve this by making our app super simple for you to use, but, remember; Simple is hard!

But don’t worry, we are up for the challenge, and working around the clock (literally!) to bring you the simple, elegant technology that could change your world by improving your work life.

Thanks as always for reading!

The Gigable Team

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