Gigable Desktop For Business

Welcome to Gigable Desktop For Business Gigable Desktop has been created especially for business and contains all the great features of the mobile App with a few additions, to make managing your Gigs that much easier. First things first – how do I get there? Access the portal through the Gigable website and using the

How To Get Paid When You Complete a Gig

How To Get Paid When You Complete a Gig​ Or Read Our Text Guide​ Once you have completed a Gig it’s time to apply for payment. At this stage you will have gone through the application process, been accepted and have completed the gig. If you haven’t done so already, we highly recommend that you

Paying a Freelancer

Paying a Freelancer Or Read Our Text Guide Once the Gig has been completed by the Freelancer, they will apply for payment in the app and Gigable will send you a notification of that request. The Gig will move into the ‘Payments Tab’ and from here, tap ‘Pay’. Don’t worry, Gigable provides you with an

Cancelling a Gig as a Freelancer

Cancelling a Gig as a Freelancer​ Or Read Our Written Guide In order for the Gigable platform to work in a fair manner, we allow freelancers to cancel their application when they are unable to work. We’ve seen it all here at Gigable – broken down vehicles, sickness, childminding duties and more. These are all

Cancelling a Gig as a Business

Cancelling a Gig as a Business Or Read Our Written Guide There may come a time when, as a business, you need to cancel a Gig for whatever reason and this can be done at any stage without penalty, ONLY if you haven’t yet confirmed an applicant.   If, as a business owner, you have confirmed

How To Verify Your Identity On Gigable

How To Verify Your Identity On Gigable​ Due to security reasons, from September 30th, Gigable users will be asked to verifiy their ID in order to apply for Gigs.  To be part of our Freelancer community, you should get verified by uploading some necessary documents.  You can’t apply for gigs? Then, you are probably not verified.Follow the

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